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Need a trustworthy hot water heater repair service provider? All you need to do is contact us today to get same day service, whether it is installation, repair, or maintenance, courtesy of our highly skilled and trained water heater repair technicians.

Water Heater Solutions in Bethlehem 18018

We know your water heater is one of the hardest working and most relied on pieces of equipment in your house. It is bound to show problems because in most residences, it remains on at all times so as to supply hot water every time. Due to this, water heaters have an average life cycle of 8-10 years. If you see any of the following conditions:

  • If you listen to your water heater creating a popcorn popping sound
  • There is oxidation around the connections.
  • Not having enough hot water consistently.
  • The water heater installed in your home is over 10 years old.

All you need to do is let us to provide you the services you need, and we do that by sending in our plumbing contractors to conduct a comprehensive checkup of your system and find out what the trouble really is.

Repair, Installation, and Replacement of Water Heaters in Bethlehem PA

Water heaters are relatively simple, they are comprised of a tank that contains heating elements or a burner assembly on gas units. Water will then go into one side of the tank and emerges in the opposite side, already heated. But while the concept is rather simple, the same can not be said when it involves setup. The fact is the setup needs not just plumbing skills, but also electrical knowledge. Yes, it’s true that you might do it if you have the skills, but for the most part, this kind of job must be left for pros. If you want to make the process less complicated and make sure that your water heater is installed properly and efficiently, our service providers will make certain that everything is put up safely and to code.

We cater to both traditional tank water heater repair and installation needs and those of tankless water heater varieties. Call now and schedule to have a new water heater put up today by one of our licensed plumbing professionals. We will let you decide when you want your hot water heater to be installed based upon your most convenient time.

Bethlehem Water Heater Maintenance

Still, you don’t just call us whenever there presently is a problem with your water heater or you want one to be put up given that we likewise attend to your routine maintenance needs. Each day water is pumped into the water heater, and while doing so, dirt and many other kinds of debris and sediment come along with it and will at some point build up at the bottom. These materials can make your water heater less efficient and cost you money in the long run. To prevent this, you have to contact us and we will make sure that your water heater operates smoothly by examining and fixing any problems we may identify.

The Tankless Hot Water Heater Option in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Most homeowners who finally have to make a decision to replace an outdated hot water heater will go for a tankless type and there’s good reason behind it. These incredibly efficient pieces of equipment can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. Older and standard tank-based water heaters waste a great deal of energy, especially when they’re beyond five years old. This is because they rely on heating water before the actual use of it. Meanwhile, a tankless water heater will heat up water at the same time you need it.

Frequently Ask Questions

Exactly what does my hot water heater do?

Your water heater does exactly what the name states: it warms your water. Every time you go to clean the dishes, do the laundry, or take a shower, your water heater is assisting you out huge time. No one likes taking cold showers, so the next time you steam up the restroom, provide your water heater some thanks.

Why is my water heater making a strange sound?

Often when people think their house is haunted, it’s due to the fact that their water heating system is cracking and popping, making it sound like someone is in the home. Fact be informed, your water heater makes sounds– lots of them– but there are specific noises you must be aware of since they might show a problem.

How do I know when to replace my water heater?

Age is one aspect, when a water heater is over 10 years old you may wish to think about replacement. If the hot water heater is dripping or you get only one hot shower these are two other signs of failure. Other signs are sluggish healing, loud operation, calcium accumulation, or no hot water.