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Looking for a reputable company or service provider to do some water heater servicing for your home? Get in touch with us for same day service and same day installations by our factory trained and certified water heater repair specialists and installations contractors.

Water Heater Solutions in Allentown 18104

It’s no secret that your water heater is one of the most over used equipment at home The water heater is always on and always working supplying hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore it’s really not that surprising for this equipment to last under ten years. Now if you happen to observe the following clues:

  • If there’s a popcorn popping noise that your water heater creates.
  • There is rust around the connections.
  • You run out of hot water more frequently than usual.
  • Your water heater at home is over a decade old.

Let our expert plumbing technicians diagnose your water heating system to provide you the optimal solution for reliable, energy saving hot water in your home.

Repair, Installation, and Replacement of Water Heaters in Allentown PA

Water heaters are relatively simple, they are made up of a tank that contains heating elements or a burner assembly on gas units. Water will then enter one side of the tank and appears in the opposite side, already heated. Having said that, installation is not always so simple. Not only does the installation require plumbing but it also requires electrical work. Yes, it’s true that you can do it if you have the skills, but for the most part, this kind of job must be left for pros. So, if you want the process of installation to be fast, error-free, and easier, then all you need is to call us and we’ll make sure everything is done the right way.

We deal with both traditional tank water heater repair and setup needs and those of tankless water heater assortments. Give us a call now and schedule to have a new water heater set up today by one of our licensed plumbing technicians. We will let you make a decision when you want your hot water heater to be installed based upon your most convenient time.

Allentown Water Heater Maintenance

But we’re not just about repairing or setting up your water heater; we do routine maintenance services, too. As water is pumped into your water heater, with time dirt and various sediments and minerals accumulate at the bottom. These materials can make your water heater less efficient and cost you money in the long run. For your water heater to operate with utmost precision and efficiency, allow us to inspect and take a closer look at it, and at the same time fix any trouble, if there is any.

The Tankless Hot Water Heater Option in Allentown Pennsylvania

Most property owners who finally must make a decision to replace an old hot water heater will go for a tankless model and there’s good explanation behind it. The most apparent reason why a tankless water heater might just be what you really need is because it is incredibly efficient. Older and standard tank-based water heaters waste a lot of energy, even more so when they’re over five years old. It is because a conventional water heater will heat up water even if it still isn’t required. Alternatively, a tankless water heater will heat up water at the same time you need it.

Frequently Ask Questions

Exactly what does my hot water heater do?

Your water heater does exactly what the name says: it heats your water. So each time you go to clean the dishes, do the laundry, or take a shower, your hot water heater is assisting you out big time. Nobody likes taking cold showers, so the next time you steam up the bathroom, give your water heater some thanks.

Why is my water heater making a strange sound?

Usually when people think their home is haunted, it’s since their water heating system is splitting and popping, making it sound like someone is in the home. Truth be informed, your water heating unit makes sounds– lots of them– however there are specific noises you need to be aware of since they might indicate an issue.

How do I know when to replace my hot water heater?

Age is one factor, when a hot water heater is over 10 years old you might want to consider replacement. If the water heater is dripping or you get only one hot shower these are two other signs of failure. Other indicators are slow recovery, loud operation, calcium buildup, or no warm water.