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Bethlehem Sewer Repair

The moment you experience flooding in your home or your sewer has backed up, you should call us at once. We always consider every sewer problem to be an emergency situation, and in so doing, we feel that you’re in need of instant help. We employ a bunch of plumbing technicians who come equipped with appropriate skills and experience to stop or prevent flooding due to sewer backups. Call us as soon as possible for emergency service.

Wide Range of Sewer Services in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Bethlehem sewer repairs

Sewer repair is an essential home improvement task that should only be undertaken by qualified pros, and based on the nature of the task as described below, no property owner can do it unless they too are a professional or experienced sewer repair expert.

  • Sewer Pipe Relining – We consider this as a preventive and complete solution to future leaks and blockages, as well as water damage, erosion, and mold growth so as to make sure water flow won’t be impeded again. The same method builds a barrier against heavy metals seeping through drinking water lines.
  • Sewer Line Hydro Jetting – Hydro jetting is the remedy we use once we figure out after inspection that there is an existing build-up of oil, grease, sludge, or any other related debris. It’s a highly advanced system that utilizes high-powered water pressure equipment for removing blockage.
  • Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining – Epoxy lining molds and shapes into the form of the existing sewer pipe while concurrently making new pipe where there previously was none, making a seamless sewer pipe within a pipe.
  • Sewer Cleaning Power Rodding – An electronically powered machine utilizes sharp rapidly turning blades cutting through the root network or clog. This process quickly clears the drain path, so the interior of the pipe can be analyzed effectively.

18018: Signs of Sewer Problems

One of the most important obligations that a homeowner must perform is learning how to figure out if there’s a sewer issue at home. Among the most common indications that you must be wary of are overflowing toilets, bad odor coming out of the floor drains, clogged toilets, backed up toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, and basement flooding.

Bethlehem PA Trenchless Sewer Repair

We are among the first service providers in the city to provide trenchless sewer repair and unlike other service providers out there, we can attest that we’ve successfully done this numerous times. Recognize that the process isn’t just like traditional sewer repair, which means not every plumbing or sewer repair company knows how to do it. We do trenchless sewer repair in two different strategies, namely pipe stent and sewer lining. Pipe stent is meant for repairing short sections of sewer, up to 20 feet, and is best for spot fixings such as breaks, cracks, separations, or root intrusion in specified areas. Subsequently sewer lining is for fixing long sections of sewer and is ideal for repairing long sections of piping.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I have a sewer/drain pipe examined?

The most obvious reason is to avoid a possible sewage system issue. What we find is that most houses require upkeep and with out understanding exactly what type and how often, the drain and drain lines become overlooked. We can not just determine a prospective issue, we can also suggest a maintenance strategy and arm you with understanding to be Pro-Active about your sewage system and drain lines.

What is the distinction in between a main sewage system line and a secondary line?

The main line is larger, typically 3? A secondary or branch line is smaller sized in diameter and usually carries water from components such as the cooking area drain or laundry drain to the main line.

What is the best method to keep my lines clean and clear?

The specialist can advise various kinds of cleaning strategies and recommend the line be cleaned up in the manner most efficient. We also supply lathering line cleaning and high pressure line maintenance.