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Allentown Sewer Repair

The moment you experience flooding in your home or your sewer has backed up, you should call us as soon as possible. We constantly tell our customers that any kind of sewer problem is an urgent situation and it only signifies we’ll be right there the soonest possible time to help you get out of the messy and filthy situation. We employ a bunch of plumbing technicians who come equipped with appropriate skills and experience to stop or prevent water damage due to sewer backups. Give us a call so that we can give you the emergency service you need.

Wide Range of Sewer Services in Allentown Pennsylvania

Allentown sewer repairs

Sewer repair is a project only professionals can handle and the types of services that fall under it are proof that it’s no diy work.

  • Sewer Cleaning Power Rodding – This type of service uses a specific machine with sharp blades that will puncture the blockage or root network. This method swiftly clears the drain path, so the interior of the pipe can be examined properly.
  • Sewer Line Hydro Jetting – If upon inspection we notice a buildup of oil, sediment, grease or other highly viscous substances, hydro jetting is our solution of choice. It’s a highly advanced system that utilizes high-powered water pressure equipment for removing blockage.
  • Sewer Pipe Relining – We consider this as a preventative and comprehensive solution to future leaks and blockages, and also water damage, eroding, and mold growth so as to make certain water flow won’t be impeded again. It also functions as a shield to heavy metals seeping through drinking water lines from standard piping.
  • Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining – Epoxy lining molds and shapes into the form of the existing sewer pipe while at the same time creating new pipe where there previously was none, creating a seamless sewer pipe within a pipe.

18104: Signs of Sewer Problems

One of the most important responsibilities that a homeowner must perform is knowing how to figure out if there’s a sewer issue in the house. First things first, you need to know the signs, which normally includes bad stench coming out of the floor drains, backed up showers, sinks and bathtubs, gurgling toilet, flooding in the basement, and overflowing toilets.

Allentown PA Trenchless Sewer Repair

We are among the first licensed contractors in the city to provide trenchless sewer repair and unlike other firms in the market, we can prove that we’ve successfully done it hundreds of times. Recognize that the process isn’t similar to traditional sewer repair, which means not every plumbing or sewer repair provider knows how to do it. Typically, we offer two varying approaches of trenchless sewer repair; first of which is pipe stent, and the second is sewer lining. Pipe stent is best utilized for repairing short areas of the sewer as well as spot repairs like cracks, breaks, and root intrusions in specific areas. On the other hand sewer lining is for fixing long sections of sewer and is ideal for repairing long sections of pipework.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I have a sewer/drain pipeline examined?

The most apparent factor is to prevent a prospective drain issue. Exactly what we find is that a lot of houses need maintenance and with out understanding exactly what type and how often, the drain and drain lines become overlooked. We can not just identify a potential concern, we can likewise advise a maintenance plan and arm you with knowledge to be Pro-Active about your drain and drain lines.

What is the distinction between a primary sewer line and a secondary line?

The primary line is larger, generally 3? A secondary or branch line is smaller in size and typically carries water from fixtures such as the kitchen drain or laundry drain to the primary line.

Exactly what is the best method to keep my lines clean and clear?

The technician can recommend different types of cleansing techniques and recommend the line be cleaned up in the manner most effective. We also offer foaming line cleaning and high pressure line upkeep.