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Easton Faucet Repairs

We deliver extensive repair and installation services to all kinds of faucets, including single hole, four-inch mini-spread, four-inch centerset, eight-inch widespread, vessel sink, tub, shower, wall mount, Roman tub, clay foot tub, and more. We also work on a wide range of finishes, including bronze, chrome, and nickel.

Common Faucet Problems in Easton PA

Faucets fail once in a while, and there are more than just a few ways it’ll happen. But the good news is our experienced plumbers and technicians know every single one trouble that your faucet might experience. Let’s go over those usual problems you may be facing when it comes to your faucet.

  • Faucet Leakage: Leaks can develop in a variety of different areas on the faucet: from under the handle, from the base of the spout, from the aerator, and from the spray head. For the most part, repairing a common leak can effortlessly be done by way of replacing the O-rings.
  • Botched Installation: Many faucet problems can be traced back to the installation itself. It’s common for poor installation to be the main explanation why there are issues like weak water pressure as well as leaks.
  • Corrosion: Faucets won’t last forever, which means that some of the parts will eventually corrode. Once those components develop rust, the quality of tap water will obviously be spoiled.
  • Decreased Water Pressure: Another common faucet issue is a low water pressure that typically transpires without warning. In majority of instances, the reason is a growth of mineral deposits. This build-up is more frequent in houses with hard water. In some situations, a weaker water pressure can also be caused by a more serious water supply problem.

18042: Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet might seem like a repair that any confident homeowner or a typical handyman can do. But then again, it’s important that you recognize the many components inside that faucet, which implies that hiring us is the more secure and more surefire approach.

We’ve been servicing households across the state and many of those who call us have a dripping faucet problem they just can’t shake off. One very good example is faucet that just won’t stop dripping and is dripping very fast. Meanwhile, slow dripping faucets can’t also be taken for granted because if you dismiss them, it’ll cost you a lot on your water bill. All that needs to be done is to speak to us for an immediate solution.

More Faucet Repairs Available in Easton Pennsylvania

Apart from handling usual faucet problems and dripping faucets, we also cater to repair and installation concerns for all sorts of faucets, including pull-up stopper issues, bathtub faucet installation and repair, handle replacements, hot and cold water troubleshooting, cartridge replacements, stem replacements, and others.

Conserving Water In Your Easton PA Home at the Faucet Level

Water conservation is a pressing concern, but not everyone is quite concerned about it. But mind you, there’s a probability that everyonee will ultimately lose access to clean water. It is important to recognize that the benefits of conservation are not restricted to the environment or the well-being of the world’s population. They can also impact your wallet.

A good alternative for using less water at home at the faucet level is to install a low-flow showerhead, and low-flow aerators on all of your faucets, or those faucets manufactured after 1994 since they already have these installed. A low-flow aerator can decrease water use in a faucet by more than 50%, while a low-flow shower head can conserve three times as much water as a standard one. These little and affordable improvements can save the average homeowner thousands of gallons of water each and every year.

Frequently Asked Questions on Faucet Repairs and Installation

How do I troubleshoot my leaking faucet?

Most faucets are washer-type, and if these are leaking from the spout, you will have to replace the washer. If a disk faucet is leaking, you will need to change the O-ring. For ball-type faucet leaks, you might need to replace the camera assembly, the seat assembly and the ball.

Should I be cleaning my faucet, and if so, how should I do it?

Yes, cleaning the faucet is a common do-it-yourself pipes maintenance job. When cleaning, it is advised to use non abrasive meal soap and water. It’s constantly best to utilize water and a soft fabric.

Can I replace a two-handle lavatory faucet with a single manage variety?

As for restroom sinks, many single- and two-handle faucets are on 4-inch centers, which is the range in between the centers of the hot and cold inlets or installing bolts. Another popular design for two-handle faucets is the 8″ to 16″ widespread. In showers and tubs, the range in between hot and cold water materials for two-handle faucets is typically 8″.